Before you ask what the rate is…..we have a few questions for you so that we may give you an appropriate answer:

  1. What is your credit score?
  2. What is your home worth?
  3. What is your loan balance?
  4. What loan program are you looking for? (30 year fixed, ARM, Balloon, HELOC etc.)
  5. What county do you live in?
  6. What type of property are you buying or refinancing? Is this a condo?
  7. Have there been any late payments on your mortgage?
  8. Do you have any outstanding collections or judgments?
  9. Are you disputing anything on the credit?
  10. What is your gross income? What kind of job do you have? Is it salary? Commission? Child Support? Alimony?
  11. When are you looking to close?
  12. How many borrowers are on the mortgage?
  13. Do you currently have mortgage insurance?
  14. Do you want to waive your escrows?
  15. How much are you putting down?
  16. Do you have a 2nd mortgage?
  17. Do you have any reserves? If yes….how many months?
  18. Will you need a cosigner?
  19. Has your home been listed in the last six months

Please have this ready and we will be more than happy to quote a rate over the phone…